Discover the delectable world of art on a plate

Executive Chef Gaetan Biesuz and his team of culinary experts believes a meal is more than just enjoying a flavour. It should stimulate emotions and the senses of any dining experience.

Our favourite appetiser. Refreshing and delightful - The Andaman Tiger Prawn Ceviche is tossed with a refreshing marinade and voila! a tangy flavoured sensation is presented in a pretty dish.

Our favourite main course. One of the most desired meat cuts with intense marbling can only evoke luxury dining at its best with a local touch of kicap manis sauce to complement the dish. 
Life can only be this good.

Introducing Langkawi Black Bee Honey Texture - A dessert that was inspired by Langkawi’s Black Bee Honey and made in various textures to create a lasting impression. “When I first tasted the local honey here, I was caught by surprised because honey is always anticipated to be sweet but this is so unique” – Executive Chef Gaetan Biesuz.

View some of our favourites from our guests


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