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Discover The Delectable World Of Art On A Plate

Executive Chef Gaetan Biesuz and his team of culinary experts believes a meal is more than just enjoying a flavour. It should stimulate emotions and the senses of any dining experience.
Art Of Plating

The Andaman Tiger Prawn Ceviche

Our favourite appetiser. Refreshing and delightful - The Andaman Tiger Prawn Ceviche is tossed with a refreshing marinade and voila! a tangy flavoured sensation is presented in a pretty dish.
Kayu Puti Menu
Art Of Plating

Stanbroke Farm Wagyu

Our favourite main course. One of the most desired meat cuts with intense marbling can only evoke luxury dining at its best with a local touch of kicap manis sauce to complement the dish. Life can only be this good.
Chef Beno Wicaksana
Art Of Plating

Langkawi's Black Bee Honey

Introducing Langkawi Black Bee Honey Texture - A dessert that was inspired by Langkawi's Black Bee Honey and made in various textures to create a lasting impression. "When I first tasted the local honey here, I was caught by surprised because honey is always anticipated to be sweet but this is so unique" - Executive Chef Gaetan Biesuz.
Kayu Puti Dessert
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